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Our innovative programs make a real difference in the lives of individuals and the bottom-line in organizations.  Ranging from one-day programs to year-long mentorships these programs have resulted in the following:








“This program helped me find better ways to communicate, interact and work with patients and other staff. It also helped to promote personal well-being for improved quality of life.  This retreat was a highlight in my nursing career.  Not only did I have an awesome learning opportunity I experienced immense personal and professional growth.  It refreshed my passion for nursing and my desire to pursue advanced nursing education and find opportunities to enhance the nursing profession at work and in general.  I leave this retreat a different nurse, a different wife, a different mother, a different woman.  Thank you for helping me come to this wonderful place in my life.  I only wish every nurse could have this experience.”  Staff Nurse, Mission Hospitals, Asheville, NC.  

The Model of Whole-Person Caring™ An Award Winning Program


The Model of Whole-Person Caring™ (WPC Model) operationalizes concepts inherent to healing at both a personal and organizational level.  It is an interdisciplinary and holistic model that is derived from theorists in the fields of nursing, physics and systems theory.  It was originally developed to assist health care organizations in creating healing and nurturing envionments to improve patient care and enhance workplace productivity and morale.  However, it is equally useful for business, educational, community and governmental organizations.

This award winning Model provides a common framework so that personnel from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds can work together to provide quality care and compassionate service.  This contemporary and evolving model will appeal to those individuals and organizations that want to strengthen their workforce and create a sense of meaning and purpose within their culture.  The Model helps organizations move their vision and mission statements from placards on the wall into the very heart of their operations.  

TeamworkHealthcare Team Working Together

"When aligned around shared values and united in a common vision,

ordinary people accomplish extraodinary results."

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Redefining Who We Are

How do we begin to create health and wellness in our own lives, our organizations and our communities?  Albert Einstein stated, "We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them."  The economic, cultural and social problems that we are facing today require a different approach and way of thinking.  In essence, we must re-define who we are in a most basic way. 

We have, for the most part, defined who we are in terms of the bio-psycho-social model.  We have seen ourselves as an amalgamation of biological, physiological, psychological and social functions.  While this perspective has been useful and guides many of our practices, it simply is inadequate to solve the problems that we face today. 

The Model of Whole-Person Caring defines who we are from a holistic and more expansive perspective.  The model transcends the current paradigm and acknowledges the energetic and spiritual nature of our existence.  This viewpoint helps us move beyond our cultural, religious, social and economic differences and helps us perceive the inherent unity of life. 

As we begin to see existence as "sacred," the way we treat ourselves and each other dramatically changes.  Our interactions, work and relationships begin to arise from a place of deep regard and reverence.  This is when true healing begins to occur.

"Lucia Thornton’s retreats on The Model of Whole Person Caring have been transformational for staff members here at Mission Hospital. The retreats have increased staff satisfaction and retention by helping nurses remember and recapture the essence of healing. We are currently working towards a magnet designation and after attending the 2-day retreats I have seen many nurses feel empowered and become more engaged in their own professional growth. I would recommend these retreats to any healthcare organization for increasing staff retention and patient satisfaction." Lourdes Lorenz, RN, MSN, AHN-BC, Director of Integrative Healthcare, Mission Hospitals, Asheville, NC. 


Bring Whole-Person Caring into your hospital, clinic, organization, school or community.  Order a copy of  Whole Person Caring: An Interprofessional Model for  Healing and Wellness. 

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"Finally, a book that puts together what health and healing are really about!  It describes simply, thoroughly, and brilliantly how to achieve well-being through whole-person caring.  This book will change how we view health, and it will help create healing for both patients and providers.  I loved this book." 

-- Bill Manahan, MD    Past President, American Holistic Medical  Association

"Thornton's book dramatizes the urgent need to shift our focus from disease care to wellness and healing---and she offers the tools to make it happen in your workplace, clinic, or community right now.  An important guide to the future of healthcare." 

-- Wayne B. Jonas, MD   Samueli Institute President and CEO    

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